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A Business Associate (BA) is a Channel Partner who can develop an understanding of products offered by & and has / can provide leads related to loans and/or other financial products. Thus, Business Associate may be a CA, Doctor, DSA, DST, Broker, a working professional, a self-employed or a person living life on own terms.

What are the benefits for a Business Associate?

BA will get the following benefits:

  • Earn Best Business Payout in terms of commissions.
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Being a part of a promising and high-potential financial industry.
  • You can pursue your own business or job along with being a Business Associate as per the agreement entered with LoanKorner.
  • No Deposit or Investment required.
  • Just pass on the referral to us – Last mile will be done by us.
  • Opportunity to establish new contacts that can be a source of life-long income.
  • No time constraints.
  • Recognition as a Channel Partner of a National Loan Distribution House.
  • Sales & Marketing support from the company.
  • Lucrative slab-wise incentives.
  • Referral Bonus.
  • promotional material.
  • If someone had been working for a few banks in the region as a loan agent, she/he can have an access to many other banks and NBFCs by being a LoanKorner Business Associate.

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